Best Comedians On YouTube

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 5:46 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Mister Epic Mann

This guy makes rather stupid videos of his friends and puts them on YouTube. At times you feel as if they really make no sense whatsoever, but the main thing is that they are funny and that really is the most important part in all of this.

Mister Epic Mann-Best Comedians On YouTube

2.Henry Philips

This comedian was responsible for "Henry's kitchen" on YouTube with this having a number of apparent educational videos, but of course it was not as straightforward as that. It was a concept that really did take off in a big way, so do not allow the fact it mentions the word kitchen to put you off as it would be a real shame to miss out.

Henry Philips-Best Comedians On YouTube


This is a sketch comedy duo from Atlanta and they have actually won a number of awards for their work, which is not too bad for a couple of college guys that started off on YouTube. They have been around since 2008 and since then they have built a very loyal fan base who just cannot wait for their next sketch to come out.

BriTanick-Best Comedians On YouTube


The fact that Mychonny is now appearing at comedy festivals around the world should give you an indication as to how well his career is doing. This Australian comedian created a real buzz on YouTube with his videos over the last couple of years with millions of people joining his channel in order to find out more as to how he views the world through sketches.

Mychonny-Best Comedians On YouTube

5.Jenny Marbles

Jenny is hilarious with her different outlook on life and the way in which she tries to offer different bits of advice. Her videos can be quite fast moving, full of energy, and generally just a bit crazy, but there is no doubt that they are funny and that is all that matters.

Jenny Marbles-Best Comedians On YouTube

6.Kev Jumba

This guy does videos along with Nigahiga, so that is certainly going to help boost his popularity. Between them they have a different look on life, but with millions of subscribers and billions of views they must be doing something right.

Kev Jumba-Best Comedians On YouTube


This Swedish comedian puts commentary on video games and his channel is seen as being one of the fastest growing on YouTube at this moment in time as it went from 3 million to 18 million in 2013. His channel went viral, but then it was all down to how funny his videos are to watch.

PewdiePie-Best Comedians On YouTube

8.Bo Burnham

This guy has really come from nowhere with his rather zany twist on how he sees life, which at times can be quite twisted. He has already made the leap from YouTube onto television thanks to the Comedy Central channel picking up on him and giving him a few shows of his own.

Bo Burnham-Best Comedians On YouTube

9.Ray William Johnson

The main thing that this guy does is he adds some rather special, and funny, commentary on viral videos and puts them back out on YouTube. This is a format that works for him as he has 11 million subscribers to his channel and at one point the had six out of the 20 top watched videos in a single month.

Ray William Johnson-Best Comedians On YouTube


This is a comedy duo that has over 15 million subscribers to their channel and their videos have been viewed over 3 billion times in total. Those are pretty impressive numbers, so surely it makes sense to go over to YouTube and see what all of the fuss is about?

Smosh-Best Comedians On YouTube


His videos have been viewed almost 2 billion times and that alone should tell you how popular the guy is and that he must be funny at what he does. His videos are either solo shots or a link up with another YouTube comedian and there is no doubt that he gets a reaction from his ever growing fan base.

Nigahiga-Best Comedians On YouTube

12.Shane Dawson

Shane has been making videos for YouTube for some time now with a number of recurring characters appearing on his channel. He actually now has two different channels on there, with both being in the top 100 according to the number of subscribers, and if you like quite zany comedy, then this is the guy for you.

Shane Dawson-Best Comedians On YouTube



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