Most Bizarre Laws

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 7:10 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.I hope that's real butter

We go to the diary capital of the free world for this next crazy law. It Is Illegal To Serve Butter Substitutes in Wisconsin State Prisons. This law is crazy, but I think you have to give it to the state in their quest to keep dairy's good named unsoiled.

I hope that's real butter-Most Bizarre Laws

2.That bear is sleeping..leave him alone

I actually like this law. It is very considerate, once you think of it. It is illegal to wake a sleeping bear for a photo opportunity in the state of Alaska. That is great for the bears. They need their rest you know. This law has Sarah Palin written all over it.

That bear is sleeping..leave him alone-Most Bizarre Laws

3.You have to go under 60 Mr. Car

I knew when I started on this topic I would have to stop by California. They had the Terminator as their governor; you know they had to be a little nuts. It is illegal for an unmanned car to go above 60 MPH in the golden state. So Knight-Ridder will have to be in KIT, before it can go 100 on the 101.

You have to go under 60 Mr. Car-Most Bizarre Laws

4.That Donkey can't sleep there.

We go to the Southwest for this next absurd law. It is illegal for a donkey to sleep in a bathtub in the state of Arizona. Yes you read right, and don't worry I am not drunk while I write this. I guess the Grand Canyon state wants donkeys to keep the stereotype of being dirty all the time. You have to go under 60 Mr. Car

That Donkey can't sleep there.-Most Bizarre Laws

5.Pinball? Are you over 18?

We are back in the good old USA for this one. We have to go down south to fin this gem of a law. In the state of South Carolina you have to be over the age of 18 to play pinball. Pinball! That is a game that is made for kids! What is going on down South? Being over 18 to play blackjack is one thing but pinball is another thing.

Pinball? Are you over 18?-Most Bizarre Laws

6.Hey it's after 10 you cant flush

We are going to stay international for this one. Did you all know that it is illegal to flush a toilet in a Swedish apartment building after 10 PM? Hey I understand common curtsey but when you gotta go you gotta go. I thought they were supposed to be liberal and free in Europe.

Hey it's after 10 you cant flush-Most Bizarre Laws

7.Hey you can't die there!

We are going international with this next mind bender. Did you know that it is illegal to die in The House of Parliament in England? This is not the only strange thing. Do you know what the penalty is? Litigation could actually be brought against your family. Wow they sure are high handed across the pond.

Hey you can't die there!-Most Bizarre Laws

8.Hey stop hand walking!

Let's continue on crazy law express shall we? Did you know in the great state of Connecticut it is illegal to walk across the street on your hands? Wonder what was the purpose of this law? Were they really that many people hand waling in the streets to warrant legislation to be crafted?

Hey stop hand walking!-Most Bizarre Laws

9.Take down those lights

Now here is finally a bizarre law that makes sense. I hope what I said makes sense. Did it make sense? It made sense to me, I hope it makes sense to you..I think it does, now I'm rambling let me get to my point. Did you know that it is illegal to keep your Christmas lights up after January 14th in the state of Maine? I hate to be a scrooge here but you know that makes sense. Who wants to see Christmas lights midway through January anyway?

Take down those lights-Most Bizarre Laws

10.Don t take that rabbits picture

Did you know it is apparently illegal to take a rabbit's picture in the month of June in the state of Wyoming? That law is simply crazy train. Who thought the state that gave us Dick Cheney could have such a stupid law. Even though he is retired I think old man Cheney should look into this.

Don t take that rabbits picture-Most Bizarre Laws

11.No pretzels and beer for you

In the state of North Dakota it is illegal for any bar to serve pretzels and beer together. What's the deal with that? Pretzels and beer go together like lamb and tuna fish. There is a little 'Big Daddy' reference for all you comedy fans out there, but seriously what is the deal in North Dakota?

No pretzels and beer for you-Most Bizarre Laws

12.5 Hour bingo

In the state of North Carolina it is illegal for a game of Bingo to last for more than 5 hours. Let that sink in for a moment. Now before we make fun of this law, let's try to see the practicality in it. Perhaps 5 hours is a little too long for a bingo game to last. Maybe after 5 hours all the blue haired Betties get a little crazy and start a riot. No pretzels and beer for you

5 Hour bingo-Most Bizarre Laws



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