15 Hidden Inappropriate Jokes In Children Cartoons

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 4:59 pm
By:James Fraser

Inappropriate jokes, sexual innuendos or subliminal messages should never exist in children cartoons. Unfortunately, throughout the history of children's entertainment, there are many instances where age-inappropriate content is sneaked into mainstream movies and TV shows. Even the popular children's entertainment companies like Disney were grilled in the past by parents for their sexual innuendos and subliminal messages. 
You wouldn't believe but most TV shows aired in the past had references to age-inappropriate jokes. Since we weren't old enough to understand them back in the days, most of those adult jokes remained unnoticed. As most of our parents weren't big fans of cartoons, they missed those jokes too. Thanks to the internet and people who work restlessly to ruin our childhood, we are now able to show you these fifteen hidden inappropriate jokes in children cartoons! Note that the writers or directors didn't include them intentionally. Some of them were paused at the wrong time to notice the joke in it. 
13.This Moment from Arthur

Arthur is also a famous early 2000s show. PBS Kids is still airing this show. While many kids enjoy the show, some adults complain that this show has got some hidden inappropriate jokes. The picture you see now is one of those funny moments in the show, which could be understood only by adults.

This Moment from Arthur-15 Hidden Inappropriate Jokes In Children Cartoons

14.This Krillin And Bulma Scene From DragonBall

Dragon Ball is a typical Japanese anime series. It isn't particularly a children show, but millions of kids around the globe watch it. There are many nude, sexual and perverted moments in the show. As an American, you may not see all these awkward scenes in the show because of heavy censorship. Here in the picture, you can see Bulma putting her hands inside the panty. We aren't sure what she is actually doing, but it looks odd and awkward enough for us to feature it on this topic! If you want to see more such inappropriate scenes from Dragon Ball Z, go to YouTube and explore the uncensored international shows! 

This Krillin And Bulma Scene From DragonBall-15 Hidden Inappropriate Jokes In Children Cartoons

15.When Lickitung Lives Up To Its Name

Pokémon franchise is one of the most popular entertainment franchises in the world. Most of us grew up playing Pokémon games and watching the anime series.  Although Pokémon is a Japanese anime series, it hardly has inappropriate content like some other Japanese shows. However, the show has its awkward moments as well! Check this funny image and see what Lickitung is doing! When we were kids, we might not have found this scene uncomfortable at all. Thanks to our dirty minds, we now know why this picture is hilarious and awkward!  

When Lickitung Lives Up To Its Name-15 Hidden Inappropriate Jokes In Children Cartoons