Bizarre Scholarships

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 11:30 am
By:Tony Williams

1.The llama association

If you are in the llama association, or a child of somebody who is in it, then you could get a scholarship worth $1000. This has to be one of the strangest ways in which you could qualify for this kind of thing because what is the fascination with the llama in the first place?

The llama association-Bizarre Scholarships

2.The Gatling scholarship

If you are fortunate enough to have the last name Gatling or even Gatlin, then you could get a scholarship thanks to the John Gatling Grant program at North Carolina State University. With this you could get as much as $18,000, but do not think you could change your name just to qualify as they do not like that kind of thing.

The Gatling scholarship-Bizarre Scholarships

3.Be a twin

If you are a twin and want to go to Lake Erie College, then you can get a scholarship where half of your fees are paid. However, if you both enrol, then everything could be paid, but you do wonder as to why they have the fascination with twins.

Be a twin-Bizarre Scholarships

4.Just be average

People are used to only the exceptional being able to get a scholarship, but that no longer has to be the case thanks to the College Humor website. Instead, they are offering a scholarship worth up to $5000 for students that are distinctly average. Yes you got that right, you no longer have to think about being all brainy because help is indeed out there.

Just be average-Bizarre Scholarships


Yep that particular thing called wool may open up a door for a scholarship valued at $2000. To be in with a chance you need to make something from wool and then model it as well, so perhaps for the first time in your life you could be interested in knitting.

Wool-Bizarre Scholarships

6.Your father is in jail

If your father, or mother for that fact, is in jail, then you may qualify for a special scholarship. Some people will qualify for $1000 for going to college whereas $500 is available for anybody going to a technical school. At least something good comes out of your parent.

Your father is in jail-Bizarre Scholarships

7.Zombie escape

Yep if you love zombies and can write stories, then why not combine these two skills in order to win a scholarship that is valued at $1500? This scholarship comes from a website that also has a number of other competitions where the prize is a college fund, but the zombie competition is the coolest.

Zombie escape-Bizarre Scholarships

8.Sandwich maker

Jif has a competition whereby you can win a college fund that is worth $25,000 by making up an award winning sandwich. Who knew that this basic cooking skill could be so eventful, so get your child, get your heads together, and come up with something spectacular.

Sandwich maker-Bizarre Scholarships

9.Being short

If you are classed as being a dwarf, then you can be in line for a scholarship worth $1000. This is part of the Billy Barty foundation, so your lack of height no longer has to stop you from reaching for the stars.

Being short-Bizarre Scholarships

10.Duck calling

There is actually a competition out there where you can win a scholarship of over $4000 depending on how good you are at duck calling. Who knew that being able to make a particular noise could be so prosperous?

Duck calling-Bizarre Scholarships


For people that are going to start college and are over a certain height there is the chance to win a scholarship as a prize. Imagine your height rather than your academic qualifications being the all important part?

Height-Bizarre Scholarships

12.Left handed students

If you are interested in going to Juanita College, then you may be in luck with getting a scholarship, but you need to show that you need the financial help as well as being left handed. Quite why you need to be left handed is a bit of a puzzle and surely that is some kind of hand discrimination?

Left handed students-Bizarre Scholarships



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