15 Disgusting Kids Halloween Costumes Ever

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022, 4:21 pm
By:James Fraser

With Halloween just a few weeks away, perhaps, we may not find a good time to talk about Halloween costumes than now. At this time, people usually are busy working on their Halloween costumes. We have already seen a set of really cool awesome Halloween costumes very recently. Now, we will see some interesting kids Halloween costumes. By calling them interesting, we don't mean they are pretty. They are disgusting. Check out these fifteen horrible and inappropriate kids Halloween costumes.
1.We Didn't See This Coming!

We thought no one would put Hitler's costume on their kids. Let's begin this topic with this highly inappropriate kids' Halloween costume. The parents of this toddler dressed him up to look like Nazi Supremo Adolf Hitler. Were they trying to scare people? No one knows!

We Didn't See This Coming!-15 Disgusting Kids Halloween Costumes Ever

2.Hannibal Lecter Costume

Hannibal Lecter is one of the greatest villains of all time. No one can ever forget him and his acts of evil in films like The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, and Hannibal Rising etc. The kid in the picture was asked to wear a Hannibal Lecter costume, by his parents. Probably it is too early for him to know Hannibal Lecter!

Hannibal Lecter Costume-15 Disgusting Kids Halloween Costumes Ever

3.This Happy Kid and His Toilet Costume

Well, at least he was smiling. Would you ever make your kid wear a toilet costume? Super villain costumes are a thing. Though they are inappropriate from our point of view, there are many people who find them cool. What about a toilet costume? NOT SO COOL! Check this little fellow and his inappropriate toilet costume!

This Happy Kid and His Toilet Costume-15 Disgusting Kids Halloween Costumes Ever

4.Road Kill Costume

The kid you are seeing in the picture wore a 'road kill' costume. He looked like he was crushed by a car or truck on road. This costume is highly disgusting and scary with stuffed heart and intestines hanging out. Most people will not approve this children road kill costume on Halloween even though it looks scary.

Road Kill Costume-15 Disgusting Kids Halloween Costumes Ever

5.This Funny Mr. T Costume

The idea behind this costume may not be bad, but the execution was. Mr. T costume on this kid looked awkward and hilarious. We guess this baby will absolutely hate this picture when he or she grows up. Parents - choose a cool Halloween costume this year! Never ever put something on them that embarrasses them when they grow up.

This Funny Mr. T Costume-15 Disgusting Kids Halloween Costumes Ever

6.Biggest Ever Sperm Cell Spotted!

No one can ever get a worst costume idea than this. Who would put a condom costume on their kids? This is highly inappropriate. Some of you guys may even laugh hard at this. Imagine all the embarrassment this kid has to take from his friends and family members when he grows up. To parents of this lad - Why you do this???

Biggest Ever Sperm Cell Spotted!-15 Disgusting Kids Halloween Costumes Ever

7.This Liver Cancer and Lung Cancer Costume

Did we just say liver cancer and lung cancer? Damn autocorrect!!! We just meant to say whiskey bottle and cigarette pack costume. Well, this is another highly inappropriate kids' costume that caught our attention. As you can see from the image, the toddler there wore a Marlboro cigarette pack costume which is inappropriate for atleast kids if not adults.

This Liver Cancer and Lung Cancer Costume-15 Disgusting Kids Halloween Costumes Ever


8.Suicide Bomber Costume

Can costumes go any worse than this? Well, this costume has gone out of control! Fact one - this may offend some people. Fact two - dressing a kid like a suicide bomber is still a horrible thing even if you don't care what other people might think about you or your kid. This Halloween costume looks gross and wrong on so many levels.

Suicide Bomber Costume-15 Disgusting Kids Halloween Costumes Ever

9.Baby Pole Dancer Costume

This is worse than the previous one. This mom not only put some really awkward clothes on the baby girl, but also bought her a mini pole dancing kit. Some of us think that this disgusting, while others may think this is just fine. Whatever, this picture is disgusting enough to win a place in this list.

Baby Pole Dancer Costume-15 Disgusting Kids Halloween Costumes Ever


10.Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj Costumes

These two kids look like they came directly from hell! The boy who was in Lil Wayne's costume might look fine to some of you, but that little girl looks scary and probably will greet you in your dreams tonight. She looks like a scary doll. Folks, select your celebrities wisely, if you are to use them as your costume idea.

Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj Costumes-15 Disgusting Kids Halloween Costumes Ever

Cool Pics Of Nicki Minaz's Feet

11.Minecraft Costume

This costume will make you question the sanity of the parents of this baby. Minecraft costumes are popular. They aren't that difficult to make either. It's a good idea that the parents of this baby wanted to put a Minecraft costume on him or her. However, the execution was a total failure. Next time, we hope the parents would make a costume that doesn't suffocate their baby.

Minecraft Costume-15 Disgusting Kids Halloween Costumes Ever

12.Whoa, What Was That?

Whose idea was that? It took a while for us to identify that it was actually a mermaid costume! That weird costume looks highly inappropriate and super awkward. The dad there made things more awkward by holding the mermaid costume's tail up. The longer you look at this picture, the more awkward it gets.

Whoa, What Was That?-15 Disgusting Kids Halloween Costumes Ever

13.Halloweed Leaf Costume

This is another inappropriate but cute kids' costume. It was cute because the costume was made to look like a leaf; and it was inappropriate because the leaf was marijuana! Although Marijuana isn't a bad thing according to recent studies but for a kid as Halloween costume, It's a big No No.  It looks interesting, but don't try this costume on your kids.

Halloweed Leaf Costume-15 Disgusting Kids Halloween Costumes Ever

14.Pepsi Bottle Costume

We know that you are trying a lot not to laugh at this picture. This is the most awkward, inappropriate and bizarre costume we have ever seen. We have seen some soft drink bottle costumes, but never saw one as crazy as this. We bet you are not going to forget this image anytime soon!

Pepsi Bottle Costume-15 Disgusting Kids Halloween Costumes Ever

15.Headless Boy Costume

Imagine seeing this costume live on a Halloween day. Despite the fact that you know this could be a costume, you will still be scared. Now, don't even imagine that guy opening his eyes and making an eye contact with you, while his head stay right in the jar. Though this image is scary and little awkward, let's appreciate the people who came up with this idea.

Headless Boy Costume-15 Disgusting Kids Halloween Costumes Ever



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