15 Most Awkward Texts From Mom

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 8:06 am
By:James Fraser

We all love our mothers but boy; we have to admit that they sometimes bother us with their old-fashioned approach towards life. Some mothers try so hard to look and sound like a modern-day woman, and that's a bit of a problem as well. They do every awkward and weird thing they can do just to get that 'cool mommy' tag! It can be embarrassing to their kids, but again, moms are moms, and we all love them no matter what! 
Moms aren't particularly good at technology, and most of them are still struggling to adapt to it. They have their smartphones, laptops, and other tech gadgets, but they may not know how to use them properly. They are on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, but at times, they post some really weird messages and status updates there. Sometimes they send funny text messages as well, mostly because of an autocorrect fail or their inability to understand the urban lingo. 
Read these fifteen hilarious text messages from moms, and we bet you will laugh hysterically after reading them.
4.This Mom Who's Clearly Not into Online Slang

Well, this is one of the funniest mom's texts. This mom is clearly not into online slang, and asked her son to explain. Her son did explain that stuff, but the lady didn't get it! We guess even her daughter will give her the same answer. How many people can she ask this question before she gets tired of it, or before someone explain her about it clearly in detail?

This Mom Who's Clearly Not into Online Slang-15 Most Awkward Texts From Mom

5.That Was Cruel Indeed

This mom clearly knows how to deal with her children! Though she may sound like she is little rude, her son or daughter whoever we see texting in this message totally deserves this! Oh boy, isn't she really cool? The conversations between intelligent moms and dumb children are always hilarious. We also feel sorry for that guy or girl who believed he or she is getting a car next month!

That Was Cruel Indeed-15 Most Awkward Texts From Mom

6.Wow That's Fantastic!

There you go, folks! This mom has given us an all new meaning for WTF! Apparently, she thinks WTF stands for 'wow that's fantastic'. Who TF told this thing to her? We believe she might be mistakenly using WTF from quite a bit of time. Imagine her replying WTF, when someone says his cancer got cured and he's totally fine! 

Wow That's Fantastic!-15 Most Awkward Texts From Mom