Cat Tattoos Designs

Friday, Nov 29, 2013, 6:48 pm

1.Portrait Cat Tattoo Design

Siamese cats are usually regal breeds. This cat tattoo design makes this Siamese cat look weirder than a Miley Cyrus concert. The lines are wonky, and its eye is just all wrong. Even its legs are not placed in the right position. The artist of this design was better off doing the entire thing in black so the cat's off-putting details would not be visible.

Portrait Cat Tattoo Design-Cat Tattoos Designs

2.Connect The Dots Cat Tattoo Design

This cat tattoo design is pure royalty at its finest. The cat's position exudes both high class and uniqueness. The cat appears to be saying, "I'm waiting for my Fancy Feast to be served." The little circles covering the cat's body almost resemble jewels, just in black and white form.

Connect The Dots Cat Tattoo Design-Cat Tattoos Designs

3.Pokemon Cat Tattoo Design

This tribal cat tattoo design should be used to create the next Pokemon. The cat has two tails, a round orb in the middle of its forehead and two sets of ears. This is truly a beautiful design, and would look great inked on the shoulder or back of a woman.

Pokemon Cat Tattoo Design-Cat Tattoos Designs

4.Morphing Cat Tattoo Design

This little kitty has been through some things. It seems to have the characteristics of both a cat and a dog. In fact, it appears as though it's morphing from one animal into the next. From the neck down, this creature Is harmless. But its creepy eyes heighten the creepiness of this cat.

Morphing Cat Tattoo Design-Cat Tattoos Designs

5.Deconstructed Cat Tattoo Design

This tribal cat tattoo design is another example of how a great artist can implement several techniques and still come out on top. This deconstructed cat is made up of several different shapes, and shades. The cat's parts aren't connected, but because of their placement, it appears as if they are.

Deconstructed Cat Tattoo Design-Cat Tattoos Designs

6.Side Profile Cat Tattoo Design

This is a gorgeous tribal cat rendering. The image isn't alive, but there is so much emotion in the cat's face; especially its eyes, that you can't help but wonder who the image was modeled after.The cat almost seems to be giving someone, off in the distance, the feline version of 'puppy dog eyes.'

Side Profile Cat Tattoo Design-Cat Tattoos Designs

7.Tribal Cat Tattoo Design

This tattoo design was created with less than 10 connecting pen lines. The design is simple, but it emulates an alert cat perfectly. This is a tribal tattoo, which is perfect for a tribal warrior. A design like this is also great for someone who loves cats but doesn't want to get a huge tattoo inked on their body.

Tribal Cat Tattoo Design-Cat Tattoos Designs

8.Startled Cat Tattoo Design

This tattoo design mimics that signature 'startled cat' pose that can be found on items during Halloween. The design is on the cartoonish side, and the cat looks like he is missing a leg. You have to really love cats and Halloween to want to get a tattoo like this inked on your body.

Startled Cat Tattoo Design-Cat Tattoos Designs

9.Cat with Attitude Tattoo Design

This cat tattoo design is perfect for the women out there who love felines. You can't see this cat's features, but from its structure and pose, it's obvious that it's a female cat. The artist did an excellent job of conveying a cat with a snooty attitude with just black ink. Not to mention, her fiery tail is an awesome and unique touch!

Cat with Attitude Tattoo Design-Cat Tattoos Designs

10.Cheshire Cat Tattoo Design

It's obvious that Picasso didn't draw this cat tattoo design. The Cheshire cat is one of the easiest breeds to draw. There isn't much to this design, but a Disney fan would adore a tattoo like this. Even though his torso and tail mirror a red & white round peppermint, this tattoo is not too shabby.

Cheshire Cat Tattoo Design-Cat Tattoos Designs

11.Cat and Flowers Tattoo Design

Almost all black cats have a creepy look to them and this one fits that criterion as well. Even with missing limbs, this cat is gorgeous. The flowers help soften the cat's mean demeanor. However, the moon is a random addition to the tattoo, since moons tend to be in the sky and cats can't fly.

Cat and Flowers Tattoo Design-Cat Tattoos Designs

12.Hybrid Cat Tattoo Design

This cat is elegant and has pizazz! The cat has the face of a feline, but it has the body of a seahorse. The cat is elongated, which gives it a classy and dignified look. Not a lot of details, but the variation of long pen strokes gives it a unique look.

Hybrid Cat Tattoo Design-Cat Tattoos Designs


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